Ta da!

Most of you know me as a Seattle native, raised on Ritalin (still struggle with ADHD but sans medications), Starbucks addict. and diehard Seahawks fan. You might be more more curious to learn more about Murphy. He has been my ever constant companion for years and no matter how hard I try to break up with him, I cannot seem to get rid of the tenacious little fellow. You know the old saying “you can pick your friends, but you cannot pick your family?” Well, Murphy is neither friend or family but since we seem to be glued at the hip, it is better to enjoy the relationship and learn whatever lessons I’m suppose to rather than fight it. You know, those little life lessons like learning patience (which is why I’m not a doctor – I have none – nor do I have time to get any). So this is my attempt to share my adventures on the road, whilst poking a little fun at myself as I make my way through this life. I’m in no way a writer so you can expect just general commentary (and sometimes ranting… err, rambling… yeah, that sounds better) about anything and everything that I see and do.

You can read about our adventures Down Under at: http://michelleaussieadventure.blogspot.com/


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