Posted by: Michelle | February 11, 2013

From First to Worst…

I should know better. We all should know better. When you have a run of good luck, you never… ever acknowledge it out loud. It’s akin to bragging and nothing angers the travel gods more than bragging. So they sicked Murphy on me. My long lost buddy showed up in true form first thing Monday morning. As smooth as last month’s travel was, February was going to prove she was no pushover like her older sister, January.

Monday morning began like many others… Getting up at (gasp) 3:30 AM to head to the airport. Traffic, light. Parking, easy. Checkin, okay (prefer curbside but not open at 4 AM). Security, normal wait (TSA Pre Check not open that early). I opted to go to the Starbucks in the C Terminal since it was another 20 minutes before my usual Starbucks haunt in D would be open for business. I pick up my drink and paused as it looked different. I took a sip and sure enough, it was wrong. I let the barista know she made mocha and not caramel. Oops. She made another one and believe it or not, it was mocha again. Seriously? It’s not like there was a lot of people beating down the door that early. She apologizes, laughs and tries for a third time. I was beginning to suspect that she might be a Washington resident who liked to induldge in a little pot smoking but then again, maybe she was just not quite awake. But three times seems a little excessive, does it not? Next time, I will stick with the people who know me and my drink well.

After boarding a 737-900 series aircraft, I noticed the Directv monitor was “searching for a signal” which is not all that uncommon whilst you are on the ground. It wasn’t until the safety video started that I realized that the problem was isolated to the row I was in. What the?! Naturally, I was looking forward to watching the recap of the Super Bowl since I was working on some files for Australia after the game. I let the flight attendant know and she huffed and puffed because I didn’t tell her sooner so they could reset the system. “Now I have to give you a verbal safety demonstration” she said in her most sarcastic “helpful” voice. I would have told her not to bother but I knew it was her obligation even for us who travel more often than they do and could recite the safety information in our sleep. I patiently watch her give her demo with attitude and then asked if they would fix it before taking off. she said she would but after we took off I was informed that it wasn’t possible. This I know not to be true because I’ve been on many a Directv flight where they reboot the system because a screen or two is not working. Whatever. It was only an hour and 21 minutes I would survive. I needed to work anyway so I would catch up on the commentary later (which never happened, by the way).

After landing in San Francisco early and waiting for the gate personnel to arrive, I disembarked and headed to the dreaded Terminal 3 where the regional jets have moved. I really, really dislike this for many reasons. The least of which is that I have to get on a shuttle bus. I would prefer to walk but it’s too far and would involve going through security again and at SFO, this is not something you want to put yourself through, especially on a Monday morning. Because I had about an hour, I headed over to the one of three options for transferring. After watching a passenger berate the driver because he had only 15 minutes until his plane takes off (he was eating breakfast and lost track of time, like how stupid are you to admit it is your own fault?!) and the driver just said “sorry, buddy” but I have to wait 5 more minutes. Ha! I would have done the same thing to the jerk. Being nice will likely get what you want/need. Being an ass will get you no where when others are in control such as a shuttle driver.

It was (insert shocked expression here) overcast in San Francisco. Like this is out of the ordinary. And despite the fact we were early (therefore “on time”) I soon found out that ATC (Air Traffic Control) was messing with the schedule and alas, my flight to Reno was… delayed. In fact, the plane was sitting in Palm Springs, loaded and ready to fly as soon as it was released by ATC. So it was 30 minutes, then 45, then an hour, and then two. Nuts! I wish I knew this earlier so I could have stayed over in Terminal 1 where there was a United Club. As it turns out, the regional jet area is a tight fit. If you can find a seat, you certainly won’t find on near an outlet. I walked over to Southwest’s area. It was just as crowded. Then over to US Air and Alaska. No luck there. I managed to find an outlet at least in the hallway but it wasn’t very conducive for working purposes. This delay was putting me woefully behind in my to-do list.

So there you have it. If you do have good luck, do not acknowledge it and do not share it with others lest you might suffer the consequences. I finally arrived in Reno but the day was pretty much over (original arrival time was 11:12 AM). I had some visiting time with co-workers and then it was off to dinner with a friend and the hotel. After a brief workout (limited by the annoyed trainer who informed me I had “roughly” a half hour to workout), I decided I was better off getting some shut eye rather than trying to work. “After all, tomorrow is another day…” (My all time favorite move line, thank you very much Scarlett O’Hara.)

Here’s hoping for a better Monday travel day tomorrow… (insert picture of me with the hands glasped looking towards the heavens.) At least I’ll know early with another 5:30 AM departure. Maybe Murphy will sleep in and catch a later flight.


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