Posted by: Michelle | November 3, 2012

Where are my Ruby Slippers?

Home, sweet home. Home is where the heart is. There’s no place like home. We’ve all heard these lines, said these lines but I’m not sure I’ve ever really felt it so deep down with all my being. It is kind of strange – I’ve certainly been away from home for much longer periods of time however this time feels differently.

Just like everything in my life, it feels like it is all or nothing. This certainly applies to travel. After very little travel over the summer and going a little stir crazy, I hit the road with a vengeance in August and haven’t looked back. October was particularly bad – being home a total of 6 days the entire month (it all started on September 30 and ended early morning on November 2).  From Myrtle Beach to Las Vegas, Dubrovnik to New York, I feel like I’ve been in a constant state of perpetual motion.

After our vacation in New York was cut short due to Hurricane Sandy, I returned my niece to Reno before heading south to Vegas for work. Side note: why clients hold conferences in Vegas is beyond me, but throw Halloween in the mix and you get some very hung over (and still drunk) people going through training so how much they retained on day 2 is yet to be determined. Anyway… I was less than thrilled to be boarding a plane for anywhere but home. But I did. And I survived.

When we finally touched down early Friday morning, I stepped off the plane and inhaled the fresh air and was over the moon that I was going to sleep in my own bed, even if only for a few nights. I was less than thrilled to check my email later in the day and find a reminder that I’m leaving o’dark early on Monday. I hadn’t even brought my suitcase upstairs and unpacked before reading those ominous words from TripIt “pack your bags, your trip to Denver starts Monday.” Sigh.

While I was away, it rained 7 inches the month of October but the sun came out Friday morning and lit up the colorful trees and I was happy to see that although some trees lost their leaves, there are still plenty of fall left to see. It really is gorgeous up here and unlike seeing the colors in New York, this is my HOME. I should have gone out yesterday and took pictures with the sunshine but I think you can still appreciate why I’m happy to be back.

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