Posted by: Michelle | March 6, 2012

Armadillos Need Love Too!

As I waited patiently (cough, cough) in the security line at PDX this morning (after going around and around in circles in the long term parking garage only to end up on level 8) I decided they needed to segregate the security lines into male and female. You see, I have yet to be behind a man who doesn’t spend several minutes emptying his pockets, removing his belt, jacket(s), laptop, shoes, etc. Seriously, they have so much stuff. I look around and observe the females traveling. True, they have “stuff” as well but we carry our stuff in a purse. You cannot underestimate the ease of having a purse-like carrier. Men, you can only learn how to be organized this world of travel would be a better place. So here are some tips:

  • Instead of a belt, why not use rope? It’s readily available and comes in many colors. Best of all, no buckle so no metal.
  • Toss your coins in a jar that will feed some hungry child in a third world country. You will feel lighter – mentally and physically.
  • Consider a “man bag” for your mobile, keys, chap stick, gum, candy and all the other treasures you keep in your pockets. It’s a mystery to me how they manage to cram so much stuff in a small space…
  • How about one coat? Either a suit jacket or an overcoat? Why both? You’re a man so you shouldn’t get cold. I’ve sat in many a cold conference room with men complaining that it is too hot when you can see your breath.
  • Slip on shoes. Especially if you are one of those who have to bend over and tie them on the other side, blocking other people from getting their stuff.
  • You really can remove your coat, laptop and other things before approaching the counter. Especially when there is a long line. Use that time to multi-task and start the process rather than waiting. God gave you two hands so make use of them.

Oh well. If you can’t tell, it hasn’t been one of my better days. Murphy obviously decided it was time for him to remind me that life isn’t perfect – especially when you are on the road. Guess I need to find my big girl panties and suck it up. There are just some days you want to crawl into a hole and spoon an armadillo (those who watch The Big Bang Theory will know I stole this from there).

With that I’ll let you get back to your life and I’ll stick my nose back to the grindstone. Another layover, another conference call in an another lounge but dreaming of my vacation… only 50 more days to go!



  1. Oh the life of the business traveler. I feel your pain.

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