Posted by: Michelle | October 15, 2011

Tick, Tock

This is an experiment. I’m (insert throat clearing here) bored. Yes, I’ve heard only boring people are bored. Well, I’m here to tell you that is not quite true. In fact, if I were a boring person, I wouldn’t be bored. I’d be content to sit in an airport lounge and stare at the walls. It is entirely too quiet in here. I don’t do quiet. I would read but that would put me to sleep as would watching a movie. So I’m here to entertain you. I was wondering how easy it would be to blog via the iPad. Turns out it is a snap. If only everything in life was that easy.

And so I sit. My new white iPhone 4S is sitting in its box, arriving one hour after I left. Once again, I’m a day late and a dollar short. Seems like Murphy has to conspire against me so that I’m out of town when the new toy arrives. Life is not fair. It’s boring. At least for the next 20 hours or so. Not that I want excitement. I’ll take boring any day on a long flight. So I guess boring isn’t always bad. Under the right circumstances, boring is most excellent. Like sitting in a paper gown with a breeze blowing up your wazoo is a good time for a run of the mill doctor appointment. being blissfully blasé on your drive into work or your flight landing right-side up. Boring but better than the alternative, right?

Oops, there I go rambling again. Only an hour left before boarding my long flight to Bangkok. Never imagined I’d be traveling to Malaysia on business with a side trip to Thailand. As always, I managed to squeeze a few extra days to take in the sights. The next ten days should be interesting. And definitely not boring. If only it were time to leave…


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