Posted by: Michelle | September 2, 2011

Peace, Love and Colorado

At least that’s what the tee-shirts proclaim at the numerous gift shops at DIA Terminal B (that would be Denver for those who aren’t in the know). I may regret this later on but for the second week in a row the travel gods seem to be favoring me. Trust me, I know this won’t last and my trip next week is sure to be fraught with all kinds of drama. That’s just how Murphy rolls. I ended up in Houston this week. And it was on the toasty side. As in why on earth would any sane person chose the highest setting on a toaster in order to receive a burnt piece of bread?

See, I wasn't exaggerating!

When I arrived on Sunday it was 109. Not to be deterred, I decided after checking into my hotel that I would venture out and explore downtown. I must say I enjoyed my two block tour. Yes, that is far as I got before I decided that it was too hot, even for me. I actually contemplated jumping into one of the cabs that were lined up along the street. Could I fool someone into driving a few blocks only to end up back at the Hilton? Probably not. It seemed like a good idea though. I retreated back into my cool room, deciding that room service would suffice on a day like today. Instead, I changed clothes to go to the gym. For the first time in years, I really wish I had brought a bather (hee, hee… that’s what they call them in Australia) to swim. They had a gorgeous lap pool on the 23rd floor and no one was in it. Dang, I miss swimming! My ‘free’ day on Monday (we lost one day due to Hurricane Irene), was made up exponentially the next two days. The bright spot, as always, was a fantastic steak dinner at one of the many Houston restaurants. This time was Vic & Anthony’s. It was one of the best filets I’ve ever had, right across from Minute Maid ball park. The Astros were playing and we toyed with the idea of going but I didn’t have it in me. Instead I trudged back to the Hilton. It was almost balmy at that point, only 100 degrees, and we debated whether or not we would make it the six blocks back to the hotel without a sweater.

They say you should learn something every day and I learnt a lot today. Starting with, you may not like working with some people for various reasons but if you take a moment to sit and get to know them you may find out that you have more in common than you thought. Whilst you may not be the best of friends, you can gain an appreciation of the road they are on. My mom reminds me frequently of the life lessons we are here to learn and people come and go from your life for a reason. I won’t divulge the person or the life lesson but it was a doozy. Another helpful tibit is if you are traveling United through IAH (Houston), go to the international terminal E. The lines are much shorter and getting through security is easier than terminal C where everyone and their mother has status so you can expect the lines to be long. Another life lesson – it’s good to be short. I sat by a man who was 6’6″ and the gentleman next to him was 6’4″.  Despite the fact we were seated in the bulkhead, they were scrunched up like sardines for the 2.5 hour flight. Hey, I didn’t say it was all life changing. Sometimes it’s the little lessons that mean the most.

So I will end this blog, born out of sheer boredom as I sit and gaze out the window at the Red Carpet Lounge munching on Walker’s shortbread cookies. It is a quiet night and the place is almost empty. Fortunately, I look down on my gate so I will know when my chariot arrives to carry me home. See what I mean? It’s the little things.

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