Posted by: Michelle | July 28, 2011

The Glamorous Life

Be prepared to be underwhelmed as this blog will be about my exciting [yawn] work week in London [after all, this was the reason for the journey]. But since I had nothing but time on my hands as I cruise over the polar cap at 39,000 feet going 521 mph towards San Francisco I thought I might as well blog. This will be one of 4 I wrote but I will space them out to give us all a break (I’m sure they will all need editing). So here goes nothing…

♪♫ Monday, Monday. It was the ‘big’ day; a meeting with one of our most strategic accounts. Now I cannot give particulars, otherwise I would have to – you know, hurt you – however I can say we managed to avoid any large landmines. There were no casualties and no one was left behind. We met in the morning to prepare one last time before hailing a London taxi [good thing as we were in London, but there is something very unique about riding in a London taxi and it’s not just because you are driving on the wrong side of the road!]. After checking in with security and receiving our visitor passes, we were left to cool our jets for 20 minutes. Drinks and dinner followed the three hour meeting at an Argentine restaurant overlooking the Thames and Tower Bridge. [Please note, the drinks part was missed by yours truly due to a conference call.]  It was a good meal; the starter was meat, the main was meat, and desert was, well – not meat. This was followed by an internal meeting to debrief until 1am. And you thought my life was glamorous!

♪♫ Tuesday Afternoon. Despite the late night, I forced my sorry butt out of bed to go to the gymnasium so that I would be ready to meet Bethany to prepare for our recertification sessions on Wednesday. One thing though, she didn’t mention that her plans included sleeping in. Duh! I should know better not to clarify expectations. We finally met up at 2:30 [I was up at 7]. After sorting out how we would run the session, it was time to meet some local colleagues for dinner. Our intention was to keep it short (we still had a lot of work to do due to ‘our’ late start) but time managed to slip by without notice and it was 10 o’clock before we even had desert. And you know I do not pass on desert! Another late night ensued, yada yada yada, midnight. At least it wasn’t 1am.

♪♫ It’s Only Wednesday. Woke up early to do cardio as I am that dedicated [aka stupid since I could feel the symptoms of a cold coming on and probably should have rested]. Another day of craziness with no breaks to speak of, followed by another working dinner. Okay, it wasn’t a working dinner but I was with co-workers so as far as the IRS is concerned, it was a ‘working’ dinner. We left the choice of restaurant to Tony who chose Mexican. Needless to say, the three American’s were more than a little skeptical. Mexican? In London? Being the brave souls that we were, we took a chance and I’m glad we did. Not to worry, there was a cool pub around the corner – The Lemon Tree – were we managed to find an adult beverage whilst waiting the 90 odd minutes for a table. Wahaca Mexican Market was incredible – great food at a great price. We ordered the ‘family special’ and got a little of everything. Be amazed at this picky eater who tried everything. As usual, our intentions for an early evening resulted in returning to the hotel just before midnight [but we did manage to find the funniest taxi driver ever! He kept us in stitches the entire ride.]. Ugh!

♪♫ Sweet Thursday. Cardio, caffeine, meeting, caffeine, adult beverage, dinner, desert. Story of my life. Our meeting ended early so Bethany decided that we needed to go to Harrod’s. Who was I to argue with my boss? We returned to the hotel before 8 so I was a happy, albeit exhausted, camper!

♪♫ Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F). OMG, it is finally Friday. After my normal morning regime [45 minutes on the elliptical followed by a visit to a barista, whom I gotten to know quite well this week], I saw Bethany off before headed out for one last time. I chose Leicester Square for my last bit of shopping before heading to St Pancras International Train Station to catch Eurostar to Belgium. I was ready to get out of London and looking forward to a fun weekend at a new destination.

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